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This fully electric confetti blower blows out confetti up to 8 meters. Perfect for bars, clubs, weddings and DJ's. Mount the machine in a truss, easily fill the reservoir of the machine with 1kg of confetti and plug in the power to start the effect. The confetti machine can be filled with rectangle confetti or confetti shapes like rounds, butterflies, stars or hearts with a maximum size of 55mm.



To get a more powerful effect, combine the CLUBBLOWER with an FX-BLOWER. The powerful FX-BLOWER will blow the confetti up to a larger distance of 20 meters!

The confetti machine has the capacity of 1 kg paper confetti and 2 kg metallic confetti. The machine will blow you away with the consumption of approximately 0,5 kg of paper confetti per minute and 1 kg metallic confetti per minute.

Verhuur: Magic FX Clubblower

€ 60,00Prijs
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