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The SNOWBOX is a compact snow machine that blows realistic snowflakes up to 7 meters. Plug and play or connect it to a switchpack to control this snow machine by DMX. The SNOWBOX uses special non-slippery foam snow fluid. Create a magical winter wonderland wherever and whenever you want.  


Ready to get some snow? The snowbox is compact and easy to use. You can mount the snow machine in a truss in different angles with the supplied bracket. After installing the snowmachine, you just need to place a can of snow fluid in, turn on the power and let it snow!

Our SNOWBOX is equipped with a quick connector so installing the can is fast and easy. And with our MAGIC FX Red Button you can control it from wherever you want. The realistic snowflakes will be blown all over the place.

The foam liquid based snow fluid of MAGICFX is specially designed for the MAGICFX SNOWBOX. The fluid is biodegradable and non-slippery. The compact snow machine creates the snow effect by blowing the snow fluid through a cone formed mesh. And voilá: you get snow without the frostbite!

Verhuur: Magic FX Snowbox

€ 45,00Prijs
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